DIY Solar easier to install than putting Ikea furniture together!

Finally! Afforable fully integrated DIY Solar kits that you can install in under 20min and only 3 easy steps!

(For those who are not capable of DIY installation we are working on a nertwork of 3rd party certified installers around the world)

Install on the roof

Install both the 250W panels in the best sun exposed area of your roof.

Connect wires

Connect the wires in the center of the panels. Then install the micro inverter in the attic and connect top panels wires.

Plug & Power

Plug directly into your electrical outlet to begin powering your home immediately!


No electrical work

No electrician or electrical work needed and no ugly conduit pipes on roof or side of home. All Plug & Power ready!

No permits

No permits needed or permission from utility. Start working immidietly upon isntall.

Fully Integrated Racking

Each panel comes with 4 mounting brackets at each corner that recieve 2 lags, except the top that has 4. This allows you to deck mount them anywhere. Each bracket also has a layer of butyl for a leak proof install.

Sleak & Asthetically Pleasing

No HOA can complain about our minimal frameless panels that lay flat against the roofs surface. Our panels are comparable to solar shingle but at a fraction of the cost.

Serious PLUG & POWER Solar for your home & life

Charge your EV at home for free

Compatible with all portable batteries and modular power stations for home back up

Offset your AC/Heating use

Power your lighting and other household appliances

We've partnered with our friends at Craftstrom to offer the highest quality micro inverter and monitoring accesories and an entire eco system of great products to pair with our kits.

Micro Inverter

500W Micro inverter converts the DC to safe AC.

Safety Gate

Stops over production to not break any laws with the utility and also to stop backfeed if the grid goes down.

Monitoring APP

Monitor your systems production via Craftstrom app.

Launching in early 2023!

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